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Lifetime Member of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association

Was established by Dean and Sandra Whitlock and is located on their 300 acre ranch in Mingus, Texas just 30 minutes West of Weatherford, Texas.

We chose to breed and raise longhorns not just because of their beauty, gentle nature, and low maintenance, but because they are a symbol of the history of Texas and the hopes and dreams of all those people who came to settle the Western United States.

Our Philosophy: Invest in the finest genetics available that will have the greatest probability of producing the highest quality Texas Longhorns in both horn length and a gentle disposition.

Please let us know if we can help with your herd!

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Dean & Sandy Whitlock
Whitlock Texas Longhorns
Rockin W Ranch, Mingus, Texas


Great Sires Used in our Herd

Brief History of the Texas Longhorn


The Texas Longhorn are descendants of the first cattle brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus and Spanish Colonists between 1493-1512. Over the next 200 years those cattle herds would migrate to what now is the Great State of Texas. Over time the species became mostly feral, living wild. Ultimately US settlers coming to this region brought eastern cattle and mixed with the drought resistant feral cattle creating a tough long-legged, long-horned animal what we know today as the Texas longhorn.

The Texas Longhorn cattle was the staple meet food source for many years, but as farms and ranches replaced the Open Range, domesticated cattle breeds became favored by ranchers. The Texas Longhorn breed neared extinction until 1927 when the United States Forest Service began repopulating the breed in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Today, the Texas Longhorn industry is thriving as we found out and as many others have, that the breed is a great addition to any pasture!

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